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School Board Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Board of Trustees Meetings

The Board Packet/Agenda is posted before each meeting. Please check back if it isn't available at this time. Thank you! 


Board Packet Details

The Board Packet includes the meeting agenda. This meeting is open to the public. 

The Hellgate Elementary SD#4 Board of Trustees is an elected, unpaid group of seven citizens who set policy and make decisions on education, financial, and personnel matters for the Hellgate Elementary Public Schools on behalf of all residents.  We are always pleased when members of the community attend our meetings.  The Board and the School District operate under applicable Montana laws and the regulations of the Montana State Board of Education.  Each meeting includes opportunities for those attending to comment on matters of interest to them, including matters on the published agenda.  Members of the public will have an opportunity to comment on issues at the beginning and end of the meeting.  The Board reserves the right to limit the time allotted to public participation and the procedures to be utilized during the public participation phase of the board meeting.  Discussion of individual personnel is limited by law.  We desire that our meetings will provide useful opportunities for communication between the Board and the community. 

For further information, contact the Business Office at (406) 728-5626.