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Dear Montana Taxpayers,

There is a unique opportunity to donate directly to Hellgate Elementary and receive a dollar-for-dollar 2024 Tax Credit through the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR). These funds go directly to our school and significantly impact our students.  Last year we received $65,000.00 and this year our goal is to raise $200,000.00.  

Donation registration must be completed by January 17th, 2024. You can make cash/check donations directly to Hellgate Elementary School District and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your 2024 state tax bill. Your donation will help Hellgate Elementary expand innovative educational programs that benefit our students through enhanced:

  • Transformational and advanced learning opportunities
  • Programs, services and equipment for students with disabilities
  • Work-based learning partnerships
  • Technologies that improve student experiences and opportunities

Time is critical to earn this dollar-for-dollar tax credit, which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Here are some important caps to be aware of:

  • Individuals or corporations can donate up to $200,000 per year for innovative educational programs.
  • The aggregate amount of tax credits that may be claimed statewide in 2024 is $5,000,000.

*There is a chance the $5 million cap will be met before your donation is recorded.  If your donation is not accepted by the DOR because the aggregate limit was reached, you will not be obligated to make the donation. Check HERE to see the credit available.

If you or your business want to make a cash donation to Hellgate Elementary School District for the Innovative Education Program Tax Credit, please send an email to stating the donation is for “Innovative Educational Programs”. See the District WEBPAGE for donation requirements. Please note, cash/check must be received by Hellgate Elementary prior to recording of the donation.

For more information please visit the following sites: Montana Department of Revenue and FAQ.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,