• Welcome to Mr. Lorenz's math classroom!

    Name: John Lorenz
    Email Address: jlorenz@hellgate.k12.mt.us
    Phone number: 721-2452

    Hello,  I'm excited about the upcoming school year!  In seventh grade math we will be making the sometimes-difficult transition from arithmetic to algebra. I will stress mastery of basic skills, problem solving, making connections and communicating mathematically in class. We will also continue to expand technological skills working with calculators and ipads.  Seventh grade math students are now divided into two different learning groups.  We have two advanced classes called Pre-algebra and four sections of seventh grade math that builds on the 6th grade content and transitions into pre-algebra topics.  Students are selected for the appropriate level based on class performance, standardized test scores and teacher recommendation. 
    In eighth grade at least two sections of math are reserved for advanced students wishing to take Algebra I.  Algebra I is a high school level class and permits successful students to complete an extra year of advanced math during high school. Students are chosen for the algebra class based on their performance in seventh grade math, their scores on standardized tests, and discussion with parents. Students not selected for the  algebra class will take an eighth grade math class that is an extension of the seventh grade math class.