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    So many great books....So little time!!!!! 
         Welcome back!  I am excited to be back in the library again.  Last year, I really enjoyed teaching 6th grade again  - 30 years ago I was hired in Vermont to teach my first 6th grade class.  
    Here is a link to the 4-6 library page.  Here is a link to the 2-3 library page.
    Since we are unable to use the library this year, here are two links that will be important for us.  I will also have a classroom library with print books available to read
    •       Sora - digital book link - your library card number is your login.  I have this.                                                                                                  
    •       World Book Online for research - "Hellgate1" is the username and "Hawks" is the password. Lots of extra resources on this site right now.                                   
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Students - please use this email to contact me: