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    So many great books....So little time!!!!! 
         Good morning!  It is so strange to be in the library without any of my wonderful students.  I am glad this will not be forever.  I am going to start a Google classroom for each grade level for our time with online learning.  I will have "Today is..." activities for each day - none of them are required, just some fun ideas if you are looking for something to do.  I am also hoping to start a blog at some point to see what people are reading.  If we are still out of school after Easter, I will start up some digital book clubs and library lessons.
          I will post the March "TriBound" winner later this week and then get April's books posted if you would like to make some guesses.  Here is the description in case you have forgotten what "TriBound" is.  Similar to the game, TriBond, students will be shown 3 books and they are to try to determine what the books have in common.  They will be able to put their results in a container.  At the end of the month I will draw one name from those who have guessed the commonality correctly.  The winner will receive a $5 Barnes & Noble gift card.  
          Unfortunately our "Buy One Get One Free" book fair has been cancelled.
          Silverwood form deadline has been extended until April 30th.  There are links to the forms on all the school library pages.
           Our students will still use:
    •       Enterprise for our card catalog - this will search all the Hellgate libraries or you can use the drop down arrow and just search the 4-6 library.  There is even a way to search the Missoula Public Library from the drop down if Hellgate does not have the book you are looking for.
    •       Sora for our digital/audiobook library - their library card is their username.  They can get this from Mrs. Westrom.  Sora can be accessed from a web browser or an app.                                                                                                               sora
    •       World Book Online for research - "Hellgate1" is the username and "Hawks" is the password. Lots of extra resources on this site right now.                                   
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me as I have library classes throughout the day.

    My email is: