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    So many great books....So little time!!!!! 
          I am very excited to work in our new 4-6 library and support the 2-3 library.  I taught 6th grade for over 20 years before I became the librarian in the 3rd-5th grade building in 2011.  Now I am moving back to the building that I started in in 1997 teaching 6th grade.
          This space is much bigger than in Bldg 1 and so nice.  I have organized the fiction section by genre.  I am excited to see students not only read other books in their favorite genres, but find books in other genres that might interest them.  I was surprised to see how many authors wrote books in several genres.
          This year I will be holding an activity every month called "TriBound".  Similar to the game, TriBond, students will be shown 3 books and they are to try to determine what the books have in common.  They will be able to put their results in a container.  At the end of the month I will draw one name from those who have guessed the commonality correctly.  The winner will receive a $5 Barnes & Noble gift card.  I have created one specifically for Open House.  Stop by and take a guess!
           Our students will still use:
    •       Enterprise for our card catalog - this will search all the Hellgate libraries or you can use the drop down arrow and just search the 4-6 library.  There is even a way to search the Missoula Public Library from the drop down if Hellgate does not have the book you are looking for.
    •       Sora for our digital/audiobook library - their library card is their username.  They can get this from Mrs. Westrom.  Sora can be accessed from a web browser or an app.                                                                                                               sora
    •       World Book Online for research - "Hellgate1" is the username and "Hawks" is the password.                                         world book
            We will be having our book fair in November.  More information to come.  
             Book clubs will be starting soon - listen to the morning announcements for specific information.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me as I have library classes throughout the day.

    My email is: