• Name: Douglas Reisig
    Email Address: dreisig@hellgate.k12.mt.us
    School Phone number: (406)728-5626
    Home Phone number:  (406) 544-4335

    Thank you for taking the time to access the Hellgate Elementary website. Hellgate Elementary is a K-8 independent elementary school district located in Missoula, Montana. Hellgate Elementary was one of the first school districts established in Montana in that the original school site was founded in 1869. Since its early beginnings as a one-room school district with one teacher, the district has grown to almost 1,500 students and 168 employees.


    Hellgate Elementary, designated a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, takes great pride and is recognized throughout the state for the educational opportunities it seeks to provide its students. From highly regarded remedial academic programs, to creative academic enrichment programs, to innovative technology infusion programs into instructional delivery, to balanced extra-curricular academic/fine arts as well as athletic programs, Hellgate Elementary consistently invests time, energy, and district talent to ensure that each student receives a meaningful school experience.


    Throughout its history, Hellgate Elementary has been blessed with unwavering community support, financial as well as volunteer support. Together, the Hellgate Elementary community has provided its children with a wonderful, successful, and academically rewarding school experience. Moreover, together, the Hellgate Elementary community has actualized the district's mission of providing an educational learning environment that supports and sustains academic achievement, academic excellence, and life-long learning for all students... The school district, working with its local community, has done and will continue to do its part to make Hellgate Elementary a place where children, regardless of background or academic skill level, can find a home that is welcoming, encouraging, and willing to help every child realize a meaningful school experience.


    I hope you enjoy surfing through our website.
    Dr. Douglas Reisig