Hello! Welcome to Ms. Cook's Page (K-1st Counselor)

     Catie Dennehy
    Name: Catie Cook
    Email Address: ccook@hellgatesd4.k12.mt.us
    Phone number from 8:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.
    Monday-Friday until June 9th:
    (406) 532-2087 (campus direct line)

         Hello Hellgate Elementary familes!  I'm very excited to be working on my 156th year (only a joke-it's actually my 16th year) here at Hellgate Elementary. For four years before being at Hellgate, I was an Elementary Counselor and Middle School Spanish Teacher at Lolo School. I also, am more than honored to be a Past-President of the Montana School Counseling Association, and to have served on the Missoula Counseling Leadership Team with some amazing counselors from our area!
         School Counseling involves a 3-prong approach, with Classroom Lessons taught as preventative progamming twice a month in every classroom, Group Counseling offered to students, and individual counseling as well.  Students can be referred for groups by teachers, parents, or on their own.  Individual students are referred in the same way.  In addition, we help by holding Student Assistance Team meetings and help develop 504 plans.  
         In regards to mental health, we also have a CSCT (Comprehensive School and Community Treatment) program here at our school.  I can refer students to that program that is run by Western Montana Mental Health, and they have a small caseload in each building in order to really focus on specific kids' needs.
         If your student is in need of assistance, please feel free to call or e-mail at any time!  It's important to me that your child feels safe and supported here at Hellgate Elementary!

     Classroom Lessons each month are preventative in nature, and I use the programs listed below:

    September: "The Emotional ABC's"-  Kids will learn the language "Pause and Breathe, Rewind (think about what happened, and Play (make the right choice to help with the problem).  (Available for viewing online).

    October: "Kelso's Choices"- A conflict resoloution program that focuses on 9 ways to deal with little problems on their own, and encourages them to tell an adult when it's a big problem.  (Available for viewing online).

    November: "Too Good for Drugs" from the Mendez Foundation.  This encourages healthy choices and emotional awareness.  Also an introduction to the "Zones of Regulation," a program that uses color coding to encourage emotional awareness as well as how to better handle strong emotions.  (Available for viewing online).




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    Helpful links and information for Parents and Students: Online Resources for Summer 2020

    Suicide hotlines: http://suicidehotlines.com/ 

    Crime Victim Advocates: https://doj.mt.gov/victims/crime-victim-advocates/

    More info. about School Counseling: http://mtschoolcounselor.org

    Child Abuse Hotline: http://www.dphhs.mt.gov/contactus/hotlinenumbers.shtml

    Outside Counseling Referrals: Counselor Referral List


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