• Enrollment & Registration


    Please use the list on the left of this screen to select enrollment process information.

    School building assignments are based on grade distributions as follows:
    Building #1     549-6109     Grades 3 through 5
    Building #2     721-2160     Grades Pre K through 2
    Building #3     721-2452     Grades 6 through 8
    The following documents are REQUIRED AT TIME OF REGISTRATION,  paperwork must be filled out at school. 
    1. State Certified Birth Certificate
    2. Immunization Records 
    3. Proof of Residency (acceptable documents~ current lease agreements, current property tax statements, current closing documents)  Documents must have  name and address listed to verify residency.  Should you not live with in Hellgate Elementary boundaries please contact the proper school district.  We are a closed district and cannot accept out of district students.  For assistance please call 728-5626.  
     ***Middle School students may need additional time for scheduling.
    Hellgate Elementary School District #4 boundaries can be difficult to determine in certain areas of town, especially the Expressway area.  As a tool addresses can be searched on the Missoula County Property Information website at http://gis.co.missoula.mt.us/propertyinformation/ or by calling the Administration Office at 728-5626. Guidelines to help; our boundary does not cross the Clark Fork River, we are on the west side of Russell Street.  Grant Creek drainage is part of our district but homes along the interstate are NOT.  Mullan Road boundary is close to Harpers Bridge area and should be confirmed with the Administration Office or Missoula County Property Information.  
    Hellgate Elementary District Boundary  
Last Modified on August 23, 2018