• Hello Students and Parents! Welcome to Ms. McCauley's classroom!

                              Palouse Falls, WA

    Name: Jessica McCauley
    Email Address: jmccauley@hellgatesd4.k12.mt.us
    Phone number:406.549.6109  ext. 1075

    I look forward to working with all of you and learning about each of your interests and unique talents! It's going to be a great year.
    Parents, please refer to your child's homeroom teacher for answers to questions regarding specific classroom policies, field trips, class schedules, and special events. I have included resources to help your understanding of any language disorder and strategies to use outside of the speech room to further develop novel skills and aid in the generalization of acquired skills. I hope you find these resources helpful! 
    If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitiate to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with treatment plans.