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    I am a first generation American and proud that my parents immigrated to this country for a better life. Both of my parents came into the United States in the early 70's to live the American Dream and freedom. My dad came into the US to escape the rule of Franco's Fascist rule against the Basque people in Spain. My mother, came into the US from Zacatecas, Mexico with her brothers and sisters so they can have a better life. From both my parents, I have learned to work hard and to always enjoy the happiness of family, life and freedom. Growing up in a small mining town in Northern Nevada helped me understand what hard work was and to always appreciate the freedoms we have in this great country. 

    I love living here in Missoula with my wife, Kasey and daughter, Marlow. Since 2005, I have taught Language Arts  and History and consider this the greatest job anyone can have. I have received my BA in Education at Western Montana College and continue rooting for the DAWGS during sports and especially when visiting old friends. We enjoy being active and exploring the outdoors, concerts, camping, fly fishing (practice good release), hiking, trail running, and being with family. As an educator, I have felt that education is an important piece as we mold into adult and learn the academic skills but also building character and enjoying the years while at school with friends and educators. 

    During the summer I am a wildland firefighter for Montana DNRC and have had the pleasure of traveling around the United States meeting great people along the way. I take pride in the value of education and believe that together we can mentor the students to become the future leaders we see them as. 

    Lastly, parental involvement in a child's education is very important for our school. High expectations and communication are vital components when it comes to the success of our students. Parents can help by making sure they routinely supervise homework, regularly ask about their child's day at school, or help with school functions. We as a team of teachers and parents should set a high standard on grades & composition. 

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