• Gifted and Talented Education

    Gifted Program

    To the extent possible, with available resources, all gifted and talented students will have the opportunity to participate in appropriate educational programs. Gifted and talented students are students of outstanding abilities, who are capable of high performance and who require differentiated educational programs beyond those normally offered in public schools, to fully achieve their potential. 

    The Board authorizes the Superintendent to provide a gifted and talented program which may include:

    • Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills;
    • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility;
    • Development of positive attitudes toward self and others; and
    • Development of originality and creativity.

    The Superintendent will establish procedures consistent with state guidelines for nominating, assessing, and selecting children of demonstrated achievement, or potential ability in terms of general intellectual ability and academic aptitude.

    Screening and Identification System

    The Hellgate Elementary Advisory Committee updates the identification process as needed. Currently, the Committee is using the following methods to determine eligibility:

    • Achievement tests - grade level screenings are done in 3rd grade and 5th grade
      • Multiple scores of 95% or higher in either of the two Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) categories, Reading and/or Mathematics
    • Teacher Referral
    • Formal observation from the classroom, assessments, and day-to-day work


    Hellgate Elementary’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support used with High Ability/High Potential Learners

    Tier 1 Classroom Level

    ALL of the students identified as high ability/high potential receive services through regular classroom differentiation. Differentiation may include:

    • Modification of content, product, process, and pace

    • Flexible grouping for instruction within and across grade levels

    • Flexible pacing

    • Learning centers

    • Access to social-emotional supports

    Tier 2 Strategic Level

    SOME of the students identified as high ability/high potential receive special services/group programs beyond the regular classroom. These programs may include:

    • Pull-together or send-out groups:

      • Related to interests, talents, and/or abilities

      • Connect to core curriculum

    • Curriculum compacting or contracts

    • School counselor/school psychologist consultation available for more in-depth social-emotional supports

    Tier 3 Intensive Level

    FEW of the students identified as high ability/high potential will receive services provided on an individual basis. These services may include: 

    • Curriculum acceleration 

    • Independent study

    Adapted from the Montana Office of Public Instruction’s Gifted and Talented Program 2019 Planning Guide 

    Updated 10/2022 by Hellgate Elementary Gifted and Talented Committee 

    Erin Ellis, Ed.D.
    Gifted Education Specialist