• Greetings! Welcome to

    Renee Isono's classroom!
    summer 2020
    Name: Renee Isono
    Email Address: risono@hellgate.k12.mt.us
    Phone number: (406) 549-6109

         Take a moment to celebrate the success of the first 3 days of school! I am grateful for the patience, enthusiasm, and commitment my class has as they learn to wait and share one teacher with kids online and in class!

         This week was spent getting to know each other, building a classroom, learning school expectations, and practicing how to work Google Classroom.

         Just a few requests.

    1.  Please ask your child for his/her GRAY folder. This folder is called the Friday Folder and will come home at the end of the week. Look inside to find a blue behavior chart, homework for the week, notes from school, and completed work. Return the folder, homework, and signed behavior chart by Thursday. Red folders will not come home on Friday.

    2.  If you or your child has removed the apple sheet and/or the All About Me poster from the Red folder, return it on Tuesday.

    3.  Have a safe and relaxing 3 day weekend. I will see you on Tuesday, September 8.