• Greetings! Welcome to

    Renee Isono's classroom!
    Morningside 2018
    Name: Renee Isono
    Email Address: risono@hellgate.k12.mt.us
    Phone number: (406) 549-6109


    Ms. Isono’s Weekly Friday Note
    For the week of October 15-19, 2018

    • A quick 3 day week - Phew! Enjoy your 4 day weekend - be safe and have fun! To all you hunters, good luck on opening day!

    • PTA fundraiser starts today! Be on the lookout for fundraiser packets!

    • Save the date! Fall Celebration on October 31 from 1:45-2:45 p.m.! Healthy party snacks in fall colors. We have 23 kids in the classroom if you would like to share a healthy fall colored snack that day. Ms. Isono will provide drinks, plates, napkins, and utensils.

    • First Quarter ends on November 2, 2018. Parent-Teacher conferences will be scheduled for November 13 and 15.


    Be sure to read each evening to increase word awareness, vocabulary, and fluency. Parents can read to children and children can read to parents. A few minutes (15-20 min.) will make a big impact on the reading growth of your child. Think about it, in one week, you would read a total of about 2 hours!

    Math facts should also be practiced daily. Flash cards work well. You child also has an XtraMath account and could be working on this program.

    Check your child’s planner each evening to see what is assigned for homework!

    Homework should not take more than 20 minutes each evening. Your signature in your child’s planner will let me know that the homework was completed.

    Important dates

    October 23: Lock Down Drill

    October 24:  Vision screening (date change)

    November 13 and 15:  Parent-Teacher Conferences Building #1

    November 15: Picture retakes (date change)

    November 21-25:  NO School (Thanksgiving Holiday)

    November 28: Open House Building #4

    December 11: 3rd Grade Holiday Concert

    Dec. 22 - Jan. 2:  NO School (Christmas Holiday)

    February 18:  NO School (President’s Day)

    February 26 and 28:  Parent-Teacher Conferences Building #1

    March 23-31:  NO School (Spring Break)

    April 19:  NO School (Easter Break)

    May 27:  NO School (Memorial Day)

    June 6:  Last Day of 3rd Grade


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