Nita Kattell, MSEd.   Title I Program Instructor- Bld. 1

     Farah Ford Paraprofessional     Devon Honzel Elementary Teacher                                                                                                                  
        Our Building I Title I Program offers support for grades 3-5.  Third Grade provides intensive instruction for a small group of students for both Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics,  as well as, small group pull out time for a number of strategic students in math and reading.
    Mrs. Ford is push in support for both math and reading to support students within their classrooms in fourth grade.  She also have small group pullout sessions for extra support to their classroom instruction.
     Mrs. Honzel provides small group Strategic Instruction for both math and reading. She also works with smaller groups of students from other strategic classes of math and reading to give them additional time.                                    
    Mrs. Kattell