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Where is my bus?

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Hellgate Elementary School District contracts their school transportation needs through Harlows Transportation. They want to provide you with a better way to manage your child's daily transportation. We want to invite you to register for our Parent Portal program. With our Parent Portal online service, you can keep track of your child's school bus when it's on the road, see when the bus and arrives at school, and get the peace of mind of knowing you have access to secure, accurate information online through our GPS Tracking systems.


By signing up for Parent Portal today, you can:

  • Simply and quickly check pick-up and drop-off times and locations online
  • See when your child's school bus is near to avoid long waits at the bus stop during cold winter days
  • Use your phone or computer to be sure your child's bus and arrived at school
  • Get accurate information about your child's transportation during field trips (feature coming soon)

Parent Portal has been designed with the safety and security of your children in mind. 

Register today and put your child's transportation information at your fingertips.

Access from your computer or your mobile phone. Login here - the same link works for both!       Questions? Frequently asked questions.  

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