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Welcome to Harlow's Schoolbus Service


Bus transportation for Hellgate Elementary School students is provided through Harlow's Schoolbus Service. 

All Kindergarten and NEW students to Hellgate Elementary School must be registered with Harlow's Schoolbus Service to ride the school bus. This information will be gathered at enrollment. If there has been a change in student address or first time riding the bus, please contact Harlow's Schoolbus Service.  

All students must be registered to ride a school bus, even if they have ridden before!

Students can only ride the bus home that they are assigned to ride. 

If you have any questions, please call Harlow's Schoolbus Service at (406) 549-0594. 

If you have any concerns regarding student activity during bus transport, please contact Dean of Students,  Brent Heist at (406) 721-4023 or


Bus Crew

Safely serving Hellgate Elementary School

for over  50 years!