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This document will outline what the school needs from you in order to keep your child safe and ready to learn at school. It will also cover current “first aid” and seizure management links that teachers and staff are trained in.

School Nurse Communication

Hellgate has two school nurses for all academic buildings and both are always onsite to oversee the needs of students. The nurse will call at the start of each school year for those students who have needed or may need care or assistance. If you have any questions you can call Nurse Brayden at (406)-532-4030 Building 1 and Building 4 or Nurse Lou at (406)-532-2482 Building 2 and Building 3.

Discuss the following every year with the school nurse:

  • Assistance needed at school if any.
  • Any medications your child may be on or may need at school in the event they experience a seizure.
  • Health issues over the last year
  • Training for staff and teachers about seizure management and administering emergency medication.

Emergency Care Plans:

  • Each child who has a medical history of seizures will have an emergency action plan.
    • This helps staff take the right steps to care for your child if they experience a seizure while at school.
  • At the beginning of each school year expect a call from the school nurse to review the emergency care plan and make changes at necessary.
  • Consider attending the training with the nurse, teachers, and staff and communicate all concerns.
    • Encourage the child to attend the meetings as well.

Section 504 accommodation Plans:

  • The school nurse or other staff member will discuss the possibility of having what is called a “504 accommodation plan” when the school first learns of your child’s seizures. For more information about the Section 504 law, see the Montana Office of Public Instruction web page on Section 504. 
  • You may agree (consent) or “decline” if you do not want to pursue.
  • Consider having your child attend the annual 504 meeting.
  • Communicate any accommodations you think might be necessary for you child to stay safe and healthy while at school.

Medication and links: