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Hellgate Elementary Diabetic Information

Welcome to the Hellgate Elementary diabetes webpage. We look forward to working with you and your child to create a successful, safe, and healthy learning environment. Below are linked documents, some of which need to be filled out every school year and the others are for general information.

 Diabetic Yearly School forms (needs to be filled out)

Section 504 accommodation Plans:

  • The school nurse or other staff member will discuss the possibility of having what is called a “504 accommodation plan” when the school first learns of your child’s diabetes. For more information about the Section 504 law, see the Montana Office of Public Instruction web page on Section 504. 
  • You may agree (consent) or “decline” if you do not want to pursue.
  • Consider having your child attend the annual 504 meeting.
  • Communicate any accommodations you think might be necessary for you child to stay safe and healthy while at school.

Helpful Diabetes Information