How to get an easy "A" in art

     Participate, participate, participate!

    I want to see you trying your best, not necessarily being the one of the best artists in your grade.  I want your creativity to blossom and I want you to challenge yourself.  A naturally gifted artist may be surprised with the final grade of a "B" if that student slacks off till the end but still produces an amazingly artistic work of art.  The student who is engaged and is always working (but doesn't necessarily have the greatest art work) in the end may still get an "A".  I still love to see a great work of art especially if you worked hard to produce it.

    I am not as concerned about the final product as much as I am about how you got there.  To me, the process is more important than the product.  My dad always used to say that the journey is more important than the destination.  I agree.

    Please do not throw away your art at school.  It is a waste of supplies and it hurts my feelings.  Please take your work home and share with your family.  They might think it is a masterpiece!!!  A work that you might not be fond of may be an inspiration to a friend or family member.

    You will always be taught how to care for art supplies properly.  If you misuse a supply, you can get BANNED from that supply.  For Example:  If you don't wash out your paint brush, you will get banned from paint.  This means that EVERY TIME we paint, you will be required to do the same project but this time with markers.  Once you are banned from a supply, you may not use it again for the rest of the year.   

    You may be asked to purchase art supplies (i.e. if you love to knit, you may want to buy your own yarn and knitting needles) but I will make sure that it fits into all budgets.  If you are unable to afford a supply, let me know and we can work something out.