• Welcome to the Grades 4-6 Library! 

    Welcome back!  Lots of exciting things happening in all the libraries.  Enjoy the new space and materials that you have not seen before.  Ask for things that you can't seem to find.  Let's fall into reading!

    Online Catalog - Enterprise

    The Enterprise link below is the new link to our card catalog.  Using this link, you can search our catalog to find books you need.


    Digital eLibrary/audiobooks - Overdrive/SORA (the app)

    If you would like to access Overdrive, our shared online book library, here is how you do it:

    Accessing the Overdrive eLibrary through the Hellgate Elementary Website

    1)  Overdrive link from the Enterprise website above - Overdrive

    2)  Put in your library card number –

    23618000 __  __  __  __  __  __ (Every student has the chance to write down their library card number before school ends or put it in a Google Doc to access - see me if you need it. )
    5)  There is a free Overdrive app available as well. 

    World Book Online

    world book online logo

                    world book

    The Intermediate School Library provides a variety of resources for students and faculty in the form of print, non-print and electronic materials, in order to complete assignments, explore ideas, and satisfy a variety of reading interests.  Library instruction is designed to foster enjoyment of reading and to create lifelong learners who are able use the library independently to access and evaluate information.

    The Hellgate Elementary libraries are part of the Montana Shared Catalog.

    Please stop by some time!
    My email is dwestrom@hellgate.k12.mt.us if you have any questions. 
    Here is a link to my teacher page - Mrs. Westrom's Teacher Page