• Hellgate Intermediate School Discipline Program


    All Discipline Procedures are to follow Montana School Law and Hellgate Elementary School Board Policy # 3050

    (A copy of School Board Policy # 3050 is on file in the principal or superintendent's office.)



    Intermediate School Discipline Mission Statement



    The staff of Hellgate Intermediate School Grades 3-5 believes students have the right to be in school.  With that right, comes the responsibility to respect the rights of others.  Because of this belief, our school adopted an Olweus Bullying Program as well as a discipline system that is founded on personal responsibility, choice, consistency and logical consequences. 
    Olweus Bullying Program
    The Olweus Program (pronounced Ol-VEY-us; the E sounds like a long A) is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed and evaluated for use in schools.  The program’s goals are to reduce and prevent bullying problems among school children and to improve peer relations at school.  As part of Hellgate Elementary District’s Olweus Program, we use a rubric that explains misbehaviors and consequences, which can be found in our student handbook.  
    Major Infractions


    The staff and administration has compiled a list of major offenses that relate to disciplinary actions.  These rules are based on common sense, safety and social responsibility. 



    A student can be referred to the principal's office for disciplinary action if they choose not to follow the rules:


    • Damaging or stealing property
    • Physical abuse or harm by hitting, kicking, roughing, or spitting on someone.
    • Direct defiance or disrespect of authority
    • Throwing objects in a disruptive, dangerous, or malicious manner; throwing snowballs.
    • Disrespectful, abusive language or gestures.
    • Continuous disruptive behavior.
    • Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or pornographic materials.
    • Bullying
    • Other infractions so deemed by the school principal or superintendent of schools.


    A discipline slip is recorded to document infractions.  Parents are contacted by phone or by mail.  Federal Special Education Individual Education Plans and other considerations may apply. 



    Minor Infractions


    Minor Infractions are handled at the discretion of individual classroom teachers and certified staff.  For example, students may be requested to complete a REFOCUS SHEET that allows them to review and take responsibility for their actions.



    Staff also utilizes the services of a STUDENT ASSISTANCE TEAM (SAT) to help provide guidance and support to teachers, parents and students. The SAT team is made up of teachers, counselors, administrators and parents.


    In addition, the services of COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY TREATMENT PROGRAM (CSCT) are utilized when applicable.  This program provides a link between home, school and Western Montana Mental Health Services. 


    Parent Support


    With the support of parents, students will develop personal responsibility and learn to accept consequences for their behavior.  Students are always encouraged to talk to their parents about disciplinary actions.  Parents are also encouraged to talk to teachers, counselors and school administrators.


    If you have any concerns or questions please contact Chris Clevenger at 549-6109.