• My goal is to create a classroom where students feel safe, respected and valued while they are at school. Building relationships with students allows me to ensure that their individual needs are met throughout the year. In order to maintain a positive learning environment for all students, I have clear expectations of each student, and hold them accountable for their actions. My expectations are posted in my room for students to reference throughout the day. These expectations insure that all students feel safe and respected while they are in my classroom. If these expectations are not met, students will be given a consequence:

    1. Warning: Students will get a warning and have a conversation about their behavior with me. 

    2. Refocus: Students will have a chance to give their brain a break if they become overwhelmed. Students will stay in the classroom, but will be given an opportunity to reflect on their behavior while they fill out a refocus form. The form allows students to reflect on their actions and the situation at hand. Students will be able to rejoin the class when they are ready and have had a private conversation with me and we have both signed the refocus form. 

    3. Parent and Principal Involvement: Last resort, students will be removed from the classroom if the refocus form seems ineffective for dealing with the behavior. A phone call or an email will be sent home to the parents as well. It is my goal to resolve all issues within my classroom. However, sometimes extra support is needed. This step is my last resort after exhausting all other options.


    This year, I will be utilizing Class Dojo as a communication tool for parent-teacher communication. I will send a link out for all parents to join our Class Dojo at the beginning of the school year. You may also email me throughout the year as a secondary form of communication. If neither of these options work for you, please let me know. I am more than willing to come up with other means of communicating with you! I am a firm believer in parent engagement when it comes to our student's learning! A physical newsletter will come home with your student at the beginning of every month, highlighting important dates, reminders and learning objectives for the month! Be on the lookout for this material as well!


    Hellgate Elementary is committed to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The goals of the program are to reduce existing bullying problems among students, to prevent the development of new bullying problems, and to achieve better peer relations at school. Olweus rules:

    ~We will not bully others.

    ~We will help students who are bullied

    ~We will include students who are left out.

    ~When we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.