• Classroom Rules

    Hellgate music opportunities demand that we adhere to certain rules for exemplary conduct, behavior, and performance!  Below are our classroom rules.

    1. Always Do Your Best
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be Responsible
    4. Be Open-Minded
    5. Be Safe - emotionally and physically!
    6. Water Only

    Classroom Expectations

    The Hellgate Elementary Music Department holds a standard of expectation and excellence from its members.  Below is a list of things I expect from each of my students.

    • Be on-time to rehearsals and performances
    • Use the restroom & water fountain between classes
    • Have everything you need for class every day
    • Practice outside of rehearsal (if you can)
    • Come to class with a Positive Attitude
    • Ask permission to use any classroom equipment
    • Express opinions about th emusic AFTER we've performed it


    If, by chance, one or more of the above stated classroom rules and expectations are not followed, the following consequences may be implemented:

    1. Verbal warning in class
    2. Discussion with Mr. Hamilton after class; Phone call to parents/guardians
    3. Assign a detention (lunch or break as directed by office); Phone call to parents/guardians
    4. Dismissal from class and sent to office; Phone call to parents/guardians
    5. Conference with vice-principal/principal, parents/guardians and the teacher and a discussion about current/future membership in music class.

    **NOTE:  If a serious problem arises and warrants immediate intervention, any of these steps may be eliminated as appropriate by Mr. Hamilton.