• Hey Virtual Learners!!

        Students who have chosen online learning will be able to participate in a live stream session during the school day.

    These live stream session links will be created through Google Meet on Google Calendar. 

    What Parents/Students Need to Know:

    Students will access all Google Meet links through Google Calendar. To access Google Calendar students must be logged into their @hellgate.sd4.k12.mt.us accounts. Students will go to their respective Google Classroom and click on the "classwork" tab at the top. Once the "classwork" tab has been opened, click on "Google Calendar" at the top of the screen. This will open the calendar with the Google Meet links.

    Attendance will be taken in the morning and in the afternoon. Online students must be present for attendance during virtual instruction.

    Each subject/class will have a DIFFERENT Google Meet link. 

    When students enter the live stream session, they MUST mute themselves. 

    Students working remotely will have the opportunity to ask questions, share comments and work one-on-one with me during my office hours: 1:45pm-2:45pm. 

    Digital Citizenship Guidelines:

    Students will conduct themselves appropriately and respectfully during live stream sessions. 

    Students will not comment, post or share material that is inappropriate to the live stream or Google Classroom.

    Students may work collaboratively online, but may not share personal information about themselves or others. 

    Students will responsibly use sources either approved or provided by the teacher; be careful not to plagiarize!

    Students will contact their respective teachers during appropriate hours.

    Students will not engage in any form of cyber bullying (Examples of cyberbullying include: using inappropriate names, sending mean or rude messages, pranking, hacking into another student's account, spreading secrets or rumours, pretending to be someone else, harassing or threatening another student(s), posting inappropriate pictures/videos)

    *If a student fails to adhere to any of the digital citizenship guidelines, the teacher may remove the student from the live stream session, mute the student during the live stream session, and/or contact the student's family and/or building principal. 

    Helpful "How To" Videos:

    "How To" log in to Google Drive - Click here

    "How To" log in to Google Classroom - Click here

    "How To" join a live stream Google Meet - Click here

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