Classroom Management

    • I aspire to maintain and manage a positive learning environment. To do so, I explain my expectations to my students and hold them highly accountable for their actions. My expectations are clearly posted throughout my room for the students to refer to.

      My system of management is meant to maintain positivity and create a fun and safe learning environment. Students will be held accountable for all behaviors and held to a high standard. I hope for these students to take initiative and ownership in all that they do. I often remind students that in order to learn and have fun, we have to follow my expectations.
      This year, we will be utilizing Class Dojo as a classroom management tool. This is a great tool for teacher-parent communication and you will be able to follow your student's behaviors as well as view class pictures and announcements. At the start of the year I will provide you with information on how to utilize Class Dojo on your devices. Please contact me if you have any questions!