• Make-Up Work/Absences

    Students will be given up to two days from the day they arrive back to school to complete the missed assignments.  Any assignments turned in after the two day grace period will be considered late.  

    Mr. Hamilton will accept late work for up to 10 (ten) days from the original assignment date.  For every day an assignment is late, 10% will be deducted from the score awarded.  For example, if you turn in a 100 point assignment 3 days late, the best score possible would be a 70%.

    Upon returning from an absence, students are responsible for inquiring about and acquiring make-up work.  Make-up work is expected to be completed outside of normal class time, or after all other activities have been completed for the day.


    Make-Up Work for a Rehearsal--In choir, we begin nearly every class period with a written warm-up, which consists of review questions about every concept we cover in class.  Since it's nearly impossible to make up a missed rehearsal, you will only be responsible for making up any Written Warm-Up questions you happen to miss.  Missed Written Warm-Up workshets will be placed in your folder cubby for you to complete upon return to class.

    Make-Up Work for a Performance--Students who miss a concert performance will find a concert make-up assignment on our Google Classroom page.  Students will watch the video footage of the missed performance and will fill out a concert viewing guide and reflection form.


    In piano class, most everything we do involves using our piano iPad application "Piano Marvel" and our classroom keyboards.  A list of everything we complete during class will be posted daily on our Google Classroom page.  If a student happens to be absent, they will be expected to look on Google Classroom to see what they missed, and will be expected to make up those missed assignments upon coming back to school.  New material is typically given on Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a written work and catch-up day for all students.  This is when students will have an opportunity to make-up any missing work.  For extended absences, please talk to Mr. Hamilton to come up with a make-up plan.