• PK1

    Physical Activity is important!  Try to be active each day for 60 minutes AND ....while you are at it - work on developiing some skills.

    PK1 : Students in these grades need practice in a variety of movement patterns.  Here are a few ideas:

    Locomotion: practice different ways to move.  Leap, hop on 1 foot, hop on 2 feet, slide, gallop, skip (this may take time & practice) 

    Balance:  With you parent's permission create a travel maze in your house or backyard.  The ground is lava! Move from pillows to cushions to small stools or low chairs.  No Flying off talbles!  Practice walking along a curb. Work on mastering riding a bike.

    Catching & Throwing: Use a ball, a pillow,  a small stuffed animal or a shower scrunchie works great!  Practice throwing at a target (laundry basket) or to a parent.  Vary your distances. Remember to staep with the opposite foot as your throwing hand.

    Rhythms & Dance:  Explore different ways to move to music.  Practice jumping rope.  try different dance "follow-alongs".  (Just Dance or GoNoodle)

    Kicking: Do you have a ball to kick?  Practice dribbling around the yard.  Set up a kicking golf course and see how many tries it takes you to "kick" to a hole.  Use a marker on the ground as a target.

    Striking:  Find something safe to swing and strike.  You can make a paddle out of a paper plate & a stick.  Hit a paperwad or a ballon.  Younger may find it difficult to track a ball through the air.  Start with something that moves slower.  A FAT BAT or racket may be easier than a skinny bat.



    Here are some helpful things to gather as you assemble items to help your student work on skills.  The Dollar Store (DS)can be a good place to start and keep expenses low.

    A medium size ball to kick and catch (DS)

    Small Badminton racket & balloons (DS)

    Frisbee (DS)

    Shower Puff - for catching & throwing (DS)

    Jump rope

    Hula Hoop, laundry basket (targets & goals)

    Bouncing ball (dribbling)


    4th - 6th grade

    Adopting a physically active lifestyle is important for everyone.  Many students at this age still benefit from practicing basic skills - throwing catching, stiking, balance, and locomotion.  As abilities to track an object through space improve, kids of this age group can challenge themselves with racket activities, volleying a beachball or volleyball, as well as bat & ball work. 

    In addition to "ball work" students can work on developing fitness through body weight activities.  Experiment with yoga, running/walking/hiking, short fitness tabatas (20 seconds activity followed by 10-20 seconds rest), and of course - dance!


    There are many different video shorts that give kids a taste of these elements.  Check out these resources on You Tube: 

    PE at Home, Just Dance, Cosmic Kids Yoga,  Fitness workouts for kids, Kids Zumba.


    Build YOUR PE at Home Equipment box and explore a variety of different ways to move and be active.