• In this fun self-paced activity we will learn the basics of skateboarding.  Students will learn how to push off, proper riding stance, and safe dismount techniques.  When students are confident and ready new challenges and skills will be introduced.  Some of these include, carving, rail grabs, kick turns and other intermediate stunts.  Students wil prior skateboarding experience can practice their skills and work on higher level skills.  Challenge by choice is the mantra in this unit.   All students will wear protective skate pads (elbow, knee, wrist) as well as a helmet whilde riding in class.  These will be provided as well as a hair boufant for those using our helmets.  Students may bring their own protective geatr and helmet if they have these items and they fit appropriately.  Students may also use a bandana or cap as a head covering.  Stretchy book covers work GREAT for this.  In order to participate in this unit students will need to have a signed wheeled release form on file. 

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