Physical Education


    These are some lessons & activities that can be done at home in the event that we need to remain away from school for whatever reasons (pandemic, weather, etc)


    Movement Monoploy   This fun Monopoly will get you and your family / friend moving.  Play with your choice of tokens and a dice. 


    Baggling   These are some Safe You Tube video clips that teach the skills of Juggling using plastic grovcery bags.  How far can you progress?


    10 Indoor Games   These are 10 fun indoor games that you can play at home with minimal equipmet.  Grab a score sheet and play some one in your family.  Keep track of the games you play and who you play with.


     Freeze Frame  Try this fun combination of Dance + Yoga Poses.



    Calendars : Check here for monthly activity calendars throught the year.





    Activity Logs: Make sure you are staying active.  Try for 60 minutes of activity each day.  Here are some activity Logs that you can use to track your progress.  

    Activity Log PK1              Activity Log 4th - 6th