• Homework Policies

    In Language Arts this year, you will have different assignments that will reflect key learning components we are covering in class. I assign varied types of projects, assessments and assignments for you to complete throughout the year that will challenge you in different ways.  Many of the homework assignments in language arts will be long-term and build on skills from previous lessons and activities. Checking Google Classroom often will ensure that you are up-to-date with your assignments.

    I like to be able to discuss much of what we do in class and what is assigned as homework, therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT that students get their work completed on time so that everyone can be included in such discussions.  My late work policy is 10% off each day an assignment is late.  If you are not finished with something, but can finish it in one or two days, it is MUCH BETTER to turn it in a day or two late (-10% or -20%), than not at all (0%).  If you have extraneous circumstances that are making it difficult to get an assignment turned in, please come and talk to me ASAP and we can work something out.

    As a final note, I encourage students to advocate for themselves regarding their grades, and I am happy to meet with students before school or after school if there are concerns.