• Student Behavior in the Classroom

    Hellgate Intermediate School has adopted three behavior expectations – safe, respectful, a learner- because we believe a safe and respectful classroom environment will provide for optimal learning.  The Hellgate staff regularly teaches each of these expectations in their classrooms. These expectations provide frequent reminders of what a classroom represents when all students are behaving in a safe and respectful way in order to be a learner. 

    Hellgate Intermediate School has the following expectations for student behavior:

    I am …

    SAFE: I am free from weapons; alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs; fighting; bullying. I follow school rules.

    RESPECTFUL: I am respectful of school and personal property; myself; others. I am responsible for my language, dress, attitude and actions.

    A LEARNER: I am on time; prepared; honest. I give my best effort.