• Classroom Rules

    • BE KIND
      • Our class and our school is one large community in which every student, faculty member and volunteer deserves to be treated kindly.  When a student enters the classroom, I expect them to be kind to their fellow students, their teacher and any other persons that may enter the room. 
      • I expect our 4th grade student to "be their own boss", which means being on time, being prepared, being safe and generally being responsible for their words and actions.  
      • As there are many students and staff in our building, it is crucial that our student show respect to their classmates, their teachers, their classroom and all supplies and resources within our school district.  

    Within these 3 general rules, the students and I will outline a multitude of guidelines that will be followed in the classroom.  If the students follow these three rules, they will be successful in my class. 


    Behavior Management System

    As 4th graders have typically been enrolled in a structured school setting for 3-4 years, they will be expected to act appropriately inside and out of the classroom. Students will be given a chance to correct behavior with reminders and clear explanations of the wrong behavior, along with clear explanations of what is expected of them.  I expect all students start to learn the meaning of, "be your own boss" as responsibility is undergoing major development at ages 9-11 years. Hellgate's behavior chart is provided for reference below.