• 4W Homework Policy

    Homework is a resource that not only helps students practice and master skills and content, but also helps them develop a sense of responsibility that they will undoubtedly be using in the future.  However, at the 4th grade level, I believe homework should be minimal.  Students in my class will have plenty of time to finish classwork at school when using their time efficiently.  If a student does not finish their work or chooses not to use their time wisely, they may be asked to stay in during recess or other incentive times where they can recieve personal instruction and help with their work.  Homework has to be turned in on time for full credit, but will be given partial credit if turned in late.  All late work must be turned in one week before the end of the trimester to allow time for grading and entering.  


    Hellgate Homework Policy

    Homework is a constructive tool in the teaching/learning process when geared to the needs and abilities of students. Purposeful assignments not only enhance student achievement, but also develop self-discipline and associated good working habits. As an extension of the classroom, homework must be planned and organized, must be viewed as purposeful to the students, and should be evaluated and returned to students in a timely manner. Teachers may give homework to students to aid in the students’ educational development. Homework should be an application or an adaptation of a classroom experience, and should not be assigned for disciplinary purposes.