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     Summer Reading opportunities:

    1. Missoula Public Library - kids' page - They are working on what their summer reading will look like, keep checking the above website for more information; Starting June 2nd, on Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be activities for kids left outside the Front Street doors
    2. Barnes and Noblessummer reading program - May 16th-Sept 5th - earn a free book from a selection of books for grades one through six. All they have to do is read eight books and record them in their Summer Reading Journal, and tell us about which part of the book is their favorite and why, by visiting their local Barnes & Noble store or BN.com/SummerReading. They can then bring their completed journal to their local Barnes & Noble store between May 16 and September 5 to get their free book.
    3. Scholastic Read-a-Paloozaread-a-palooza - May 4th-Sept 5th - Kids will now go to scholastic.com/homebase to create their own personal account. • Instead of logging reading minutes, kids will now be encouraged to track their reading streaks™ in the Read-a-Palooza zone within Home Base. But don’t worry, the option of logging minutes still exists through Home Base, as do downloadable reading reports. • And remember, reading streaks help unlock book donations. For every two days in a row kids track their reading streaks, they’ll donate one book.
    4. Book Adventure - program information - year long program

     Links for digital book access - since you are unable to check books out of the library in print form, here are some resources to help you find books digitally.

    1. Sora - this is the one we are used to using from school and can be accessed with this link from Enterprise/Sora or you can get the free Sora app on your devices.  You will need your library card number so if you don't have it, feel free to email Mrs Westrom at dwestrom@hellgate.k12.mt.us.  Understand that this is a statewide program, so there might be lots of books checked out since every school is closed.  There are login directions below on this webpage.  Once you have logged in, choose "Hellgate Intermediate School" on the screen and then possibly again in a drop down menu. Put in the student's library card number, if you check the box under the library card it will remember this number on that particular device so that it doesn't need to be put in every time.  Once they are on their homepage, at the bottom choose the "Explore" tab.  There is a search bar at the top - also scroll down to "Popular Subjects" and there are options to choose from.  This is for all levels so make sure you are monitoring what students are reading.  Also, feel free to email about books that you might like to read.
    2. EPIC - many students have been given access to this from their teachers, during the outbreak there might be some availability for parents at home - EPIC!
    3. Storyline online - This is a website with people doing picture book read alouds - storyline online


              There are lots of exciting changes happening on campus and the our library is no exception.  Ms. Gardanier will be the librarian this year.  Mrs. Westrom, the 4-6 librarian, will be helping out when she can.  We will be learning about how to find books in both the fiction and non-fiction sections of the library as well as many other things.


                Here is a link to Enterprise - our card catalog - so you can see if we have a book you would like to read from anywhere there is internet access.




                 Third graders have access to Sora - our digital/audiobook library.  This is an app that they have on their iPads at school. You can get the app in the app store for your device at home or anywhere there is internet connection or use the link below on a computer. The students will log in using their library card number.  They can get this from Ms. McCollum.

    Digital eLibrary/audiobooks - SORA - Directions to log on

    If you would like to access Sora, our shared online book library, here is how you do it:

    Accessing the Sora eLibrary through the Hellgate Elementary Website

    1)  Sora link from the Enterprise website above - Sora

    2)  Put in your library card number –

    23618000 __  __  __  __  __  __ (Every student has the chance to write down their library card number before school ends or put it in a Google Doc to access - email me if you need it. )
    5)  There is a free Sora app available as well. 



                  We also have access to World Book online for research.  Students will be learning about this at school.  The username is "Hellgate1" and the password is "Hawks".  Click the link below to access this resource - lots of extra resources right now

                      World Book Online


                    It is going to be a great year!  Stop by and say, "Hi!"




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