Welcome to Spanish class!

    Welcome to Spanish class!

    I am thrilled to have you join me in our journey of learning about the Spanish language, cultures, and communities. Throughout the semester, we will explore the 5Cs: communication, comparisons, culture, communities, and connections. These goal areas help us take our learning beyond the classroom. 

    Learn more about the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages standards. 

    The 5Cs of Language Learning

     The main focus of this class will be on conversation and participation. Mrs. Gundlach will share her experience of studying abroad in Ecuador and students will have opportunities to research and explore places of interest to them. In this class we'll be doing many activities, games, songs, drama, and peer-tutoring. Students will learn Spanish and develop social and speaking skillsAssignments will be completed and graded on a monthly basis. For more details about lessons or homework, please visit the lesson plan page. 

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