• Classroom Management Policies

    Hellgate Elementary supports the following guidelines to ensure that every student has the opportunity to get the most out of the time at our school. 



    a Learner

    I am free from:

    ·         Weapons

    ·         Alcohol, tobacco or other drugs

    ·         Fighting

    ·         Bullying

    I follow school rules.

    I am respectful of:

    ·         School and personal property

    ·         Myself

    ·         Others

    I am responsible for my language, dress, attitude and actions.

    I am:

    ·         On time

    ·         Prepared

    ·         Honest

    I give my best effort











    When students aren't safe and respectful learners, the following consequences may  occur:

    1.  Time Outs - time out of activity and an opportunity to refocus on appropriate behaviors

    2. Alternative Activity  - Student is removed from primary class activity and given an alternate behavior modification.  When completed - student may return to class activity.

    3.  Removal from class - office visit.