• Helpful Information


    School Hours School is from 8:25 am until 3:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Thursdays school starts at 8:25 am with early dismissal at 2:00 pm. If your child arrives late to school, you must have them check in at the office. If you pick up your child at any time during the day, please notify me and/ or the office. At 8:00 your child is welcome to come to my classroom to eat a school provided breakfast.

    Snacks Please send in a snack with your child each day. See "Snack" tab.

    Toys Please leave all toys, games, Pokemon cards, stuffed animals, etc. at home. 

    Water bottles Please send a water bottle (with your child’s name on it) to school for your child to use. I will send them home on Fridays to be cleaned.

    Parent Volunteers If you would like to volunteer for field trips, please stop by the office and fill out a parent-volunteer form. On the days you are volunteering, please check in at the office and pick up a Hellgate Elementary volunteer badge to wear.
    Extra Clothes Please send a set of extra clothes in a large zip-lock bag with your child’s name written on it. I will keep these for the duration of the year in case of any accidents, mud puddles, or snow. If you can spare an extra set of socks please include those as well. 

    Dismissal If your child is to leave school in a different manner than they usually do, you will need to call the office. It is against school policy for me to send your child home in any other way unless you have called the office or sent a note in with your child. Please call as soon as you can to let the office and I know how your child should get home. Please let us know before 2:30 to allow for enough time for the change in plan.