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    Class Dojo 2021-2022 

     Please click the link above to join our class for the 2021-2022 school year!

    This year I will be using a web-based program called Class Dojo to help track  students’ behavior.  It is an excellent communication tool to help keep parents updated about their child’s behavior as well ay important information that may be occurring within our class!

    In Class Dojo, students can earn points for positive behaviors such as being on task, following directions, helping others, etc.  Students can also lose points for negative behaviors such as being off task, not following directions, etc. Students love being able to track their points.

    Once you have joined our class you will be able to check your child’s progress anytime.  Students can create their own account so they can check on their own progress as well. (There’s even an app!)  Parents love having instant access to how their child is doing.

     Another great feature of Class Dojo is the ability for me to send messages to parents.  This is an excellent resource when relaying important information or reminders for our class!

    Students and parents from previous classes have loved it and I hope you will find it helpful too!


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