• Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    Expectations of the learning community

    1. Collaborate - work together & share ideas

    2. Communication - communicate with peers, teachers and adults at home

    3. Creativity - share your individuality & learn by doing

    4. Crticial Thinking - plan, prepare and problem solve; greet challenges both in and out of school

    5. Reflection - understand what is and is not working


    Lab Group Expectations

    1. Do all the things.

    2. Be a UNIT.

    3. Use all the stuff.


    Classroom Discipline Procedure

    Students have an opportunity to be safe and respectful learners every day. When a student or students actively makes a choice that disrupts the learning environment or puts themselves or others in danger, the following consequences occur:

    1. One warning will be given at which point student(s) will be asked to check their body, language and/or behavior. The student(s) may be asked to step out of the classroom or receive an assigned seat. Let the one warning serve as an opportunity to turn it around for the better!

    2. If one warning has already been given, student(s) will spend 10 minutes of his or her recess filling out a refocus form. A refocus form asks a student or students to reflect on the choice made and the consequences that follow. When a refocus form is given, I will email parent(s) or guardian(s) notifying them of the circumstance. 

    3. If one warning and a refocus form has already been given, student(s) will then receive a detention. The detention will either be served during lunch or the 15 minute recess based on the severity of the circumstance. When a detention is given, I will email or call parent(s) or guardian(s) notifying them of the circumstance.

    *Behaviors will be documented through hard copy forms that will be reviewed during Parent-Teacher Conferences. 


    Classroom Procedures

    Need a bathroom break? 
    Students will be using a Google form to 'check-in' and 'check-out' of their classrooms. Students using the bathroom will have to fill out this form before leaving and upon returning to the classroom. One female and one male student may leave the classroom at a time. 

    Click here to access the bathroom "check-in/check-out" Google form. 

    Absent? That's okay, it happens! First step will be to go to the Hellgate Elementary Website. Click on my name 'Matthews, Katherine'. That will take you to my personal webpage. Click on Lesson Plans and Daily Assignments. This will lead you to a link where you can access my lesson plans for any day you were absent. Remember, lesson plans change!... check the late/absent work folder for any assignments. If you still have questions, check in with Ms. Matthews (I promise I don't bite!).

    Late assignment? Don't forget to turn it in! Students are responsible for keeping track of their assignments and turning in any late work due to an absence or other. If you have any late work please attach a white sticker to the assignment. Please include the date you are turning it in, the name of the assignment and your full name, and turn it into the correct late bin.

    I turned in the assignment but I don't see the grade? Don't panic! Ms. Matthews will update grades to the best of her ability by Friday of every week. Be sure to check Infinite Campus for graded assignments/projects/tests.