• August 28, 2020

    My classroom rules are simple. Follow them and you will be successful in my class:

    1. Raise your hand
    2. Listen and follow directions
    3. Be respectful of everyone
    4. Be prepared
      1. on time
      2. textbook, paper, pencil
      3. completed coursework
      4. ipad
    5. Do your best

    My classroom behavior policy (not necessarily in any order):

    1. Verbal Warning - This is your chance to correct your inappropriate behavior.
    2. Seat Change - A new seat may be assigned to you, so you can be more successful.
    3. Refocus Worksheet - Fill out a self-evaluation, reflecting on your actions and how you can improve. Upon completion, you will have the chance to rejoin class in a positive manner.

    *Failure to respond to the above may result in:

    1. Recess Warning - Spend 5 minutes of your time, during either morning or afternoon recess, reflecting on your choices.
    2. Detention - This is issued for excessive minor rule infractions. Spend an entire recess talking with Principal Clevenger or Vice Principal Harrison about how to make better behavior choices.
    3. Office Referral (Green Slip) - This is issued for major rule infractions. Discipline to be handled by administration.


    Class Dojo:

    This school year, I will be using Class Dojo. It is a tool I plan on using to help build a positive culture where students are encouraged, engaged and enjoy learning. Students will receive or lose points based on how they follow my classroom rules. Upon earning enough points, students will be able to earn a class party. If you are interested in receiving real-time updates of your child's behavior progress in my class, please ask how you can connect your mobile device!

    Link for Class Dojo Prize Menu