• August 28, 2020

    Students will have plenty of opportunities to complete course-work in class. Most of our assignments this year will be online, so they will be accessible via Google Classroom, even on home devices. Google Classroom assignments are organized by week. Assignments will have recommended due dates, but will not lose credit if submitted by the end of the week. For every week that a homework assignment or project is late, a portion of your original grade will be deducted (approximately -10% for every week late).

    Reading/Language Arts: In my ELA classes this year, we will be utilizing a hard-copy workbook curriculum called "Flex." Although we will be hand-writing in our workbooks, in-person and online students will be able to document progress by attaching photos of their work to Google Classroom Assignments. In addition to Flex, we will utilize other online resources such as Flocabulary and NoRedInk. Lastly, we will have various novel studies this year and will be focusing on three types of writing: narrative, informative, and argumentative.

    Science: We have three main units to cover this year: Earth & Human Impacts, Ecology & the Environment, and Force & Motion. Students will learn to utilize their student e-book, where they can not only access the reading material, but also store text annotations/notes and answers to reflection questions. Homework will rarely be assigned, unless a student is majorly behind due to absences. We will complete most of our assignments during class time.

    Sixth grade is an important year when students are becoming more independent and should be taking more responsibility in their learning and self-reflection of it. Please be get in the habit of managing your time wisely, utilizing your planner, and doing your best to stay organized. This will help you develop good working habits and self-discipline! If you have an assignment that is excessively late, please come talk to me (remote learners can send an email). I believe that all completed assignments deserve points, even the excessively late ones. As long as students give their best effort, they will be successful in my classes!

    My door is open for students and parents who have questions or concerns about assignments/grades. Please communicate with me, as I want your child to be successful in my class!