• Snack Suggestions

    Snack stash: Please send bulk snacks for our class. 

        • Fruit (Cuties, bagged apples)
        • Go-Gurts

        • Graham Crackers

        • Goldfish

        • Animal Crackers

        • Applesauce

        • Granola Bars

        • Pretzels

        • String Cheese
        • Popcorn (Pre-popped in a store bought bag)

        • Cheez-its

    * This is only a suggested list. Feel free to use your own judgment choosing healthy snacks.

    Please do not send drinks, peanut/nut products, or sugary treats. I will not be able to serve them. 

    *Birthdays: Your child will get a birthday crown and be celebrated on their day, but we cannot bring in birthday treats.