School begins at 8:20, and we encourage all students to be on time.  If students arrive earlier, they hang up their backpacks and go outside to play. I will pick the class up outside when the bell rings.

    Lunch begins at 11:05, with a short recess before and after lunch.  Please teach your child that COLD lunch is from home, and HOT lunch if from school.  I will be in the lunch room during the first few days to help students find their way.

    All children are required to go out for recess, so please send a jacket with your child every day.

    School is dismissed at 3:00 each day except Thursday.  School is dismissed at 2:00 on Thursdays.


    Please check the website.  On it you will find the snack list, monthly newsletter, dates to remember, show and share information, supply list, daily schedule, beginning of the year information and behavior information. 


    I will send home a hard copy of important information if you do not have computer access, so be sure to let me know if you need one.


    We will have a snack helper each day.  When your child is snack helper, he/she will also be line leader and have show and share.  Please provide a healthy snack for 20 children on your child’s snack day.  We don’t allow nuts in snacks because of allergies.  I will put a snack list on our website each month, so be sure and check to see when your child’s day is. 

    If you forget to bring a snack, please send an extra snack the next day so we will have it on hand.  I will send a reminder.


    We have a wonderful parent aide program and I may ask from time to time for helpers in the classroom.  If you would like to volunteer, be sure to fill out the volunteer packet from the office.

    When you come into the building, you will need to sign in at the front office and pick up a visitor’s pass.


    We use Read Well for our reading program, and for math we use Go Math.

    Please help your children to write his/her name with an uppercase first letter, and lower case for the rest.


    Each Thursday I will send a folder home with any important papers from school as well as your child’s work.  I will also send homework home soon in the Thursday folder.  Please check your child’s backpack on Thursdays and send the folder back to school each Friday.


    If you would like to purchase books, please have your order in by the due date.  Please make checks out to Scholastic Book Clubs, you can also order online with our class code – H3B86.  Please do not send cash.  The orders take about 2 weeks to get in.


    We have a rest time every day.  The kids will have something to do during that time, and it will be a time to rest our bodies.  We will read books, write in journals, listen to stories, and have a story online.


    We have a good bus system, and encourage all children to ride the bus.

    For the next week, I will have a bus tag for each child labeled with name, address, and bus #.  I will personally take the class out and put the kids on the bus.  Please remember to fill out the bus info on the student info sheets, along with the bus #.  The bus company will check with me to be sure each child gets on the correct bus. 

    If for some reason your child is not riding the bus, please pick him/her up outside the classroom.  There is a sign out sheet hanging by the door. 

    PLEASE BE PROMPT.  If you are late, you can pick up on the playground and sign your child out there.  During the first few weeks I will be taking the whole class out together early to put the kids on the bus.  You can find your child out there, but be sure to sign them out with me before you leave.

    Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to our year together!

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Brown