• Hellgate Elementary is committed to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The goals of the program are to reduce existing bullying problems among students, to prevent the development of new bullying problems, and to achieve better peer relations at school. 
             Olweus Rules
    • We will not bully others
    • We will help students who are bullied
    • We will include students who are left out
    • When we know someone is being bullied we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home



    Students are expected to contribute to an environment of learning for themselves and others. In the science classroom, I also have high expectations for safety. Students must be able to use materials and equipment safely and responsibly in order to participate in lessons and get the most out of this class. We will spend a significant portion of the beginning of the school year ensuring that all students understand and can follow safety guidelines for our science classroom. There will be additional instruction and safety guidelines provided for each lab activity or experiment. It is mandatory that students adhere to these expectations at all times. Unsafe behavior will result in an alternative assignment and a deduction of grade points. 



    When students aren't safe, repectful learners, the following consequences occur:

    Warnings -Detentions - Issued for minor rule infractions. Students spend the entire morning break in a silent study hall.

    Green Slip (office referral) - This is the consequence for major rule infractions. Discipline will be handled by the administration.