• Our school is implementing PAX, an evidence-based intervention program used by teachers as part of our daily management in the classroom and throughout the school.

    Kindergarten is a time for learning and growth.  During this time mistakes will be made (for some, this is their first school experience); therefore, we will have many learning opportunities.  Students in my classroom will be given chances to correct behavior with helpful reminders and explanations about why those behaviors are undesired.  I believe that students at this age need to have a clear understanding as to why things are right or wrong and what they can do to have their needs met in a positive manner.

    PAX is meant to maintain positivity and create a fun and safe learning environment.  Students will be held accountable for all behaviors and held to a high standard.  I believe in helping students take initiative and ownership in all they do.

    This year we will be using the Remind App.  You will be able to follow your student and our class through Remind.  At the start of the year I will provide you with information on utilizing Remind on your devices.  If you have any questions please send me an email and I will do my best to help.