What is a child to do if he/she becomes ill during the day and has to visit the office, and/or the nurses room, etc.?

    • If a child becomes ill they will be sent to the office. The building secretary will check if the nurse is available. If the nurse is in another building, the secretary will either call or have the student sign in. The building secretary may do the following: 
      1. Administer bandage
      2. Give ice pack
      3. Check standing orders, possibly give Children's Tylenol
      4. Clean and deal with nose bleed
      5. Call the nurse
      6. Take name of the teacher so that the nurse can follow up when she arrives.
      7. Contact the school principal if situation calls for it.
    •  The building secretary may decide to call parents depending on the situation.

    Is there access to a school nurse? What times during the course of the day is the nurse available?

    • A Registered Nurse covers all three buildings Monday through Friday, 8 am until 4 pm.  She carries a cell phone and thus can be reached by building secretaries immediately if needed.

    How do I, as a parent, contact the school nurse?

    • The nurse can be reached by contacting your child's building secretary. 

    What if a child is to ride a different bus in the evening - What is the procedure?

    • STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE BUSES UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY!! For the school district, an emergency would be a situation in which a student needs to be supervised by another family. An emergency is NOT a situation in which students want to work on homework together or spend the night with a friend. All changes must be made through the school office in the form of a note from parents.  Notes can be submitted to the office and the secretary will contact the bus company for approval.  This procedure will aid bus drivers in locating students, reducing overcrowding, and handling discipline problems.

      In Building #2 (Grades Pre K through 2) the following procedures will be followed:

      1. Give the building office written information as to the change, the bus company will be notified by phone of the changes (in case there is not room on the other bus).
      2. Building office staff will give the student a bus note, the student is not allowed to make the bus change without a note from the office.
      3. The office will not give a bus note without hearing from the parent/guardian. 

    How will medication be dispensed at school? Where should medication be delivered - to the teacher, the nurse, the office?

    • Medication needs to be brought to the nurse or to the building secretary in its original container. Prescription medication requires a doctors order and parent permission slip signed before being administered.  All medication that is administered will be charted. For your convenience we have standing orders for a few over-the-counter medications.  Any other over-the-counter medication not on the standing order form requires a doctors order. Only the nurse, individual nurses subbing for the nurse, or the principal, if a sub in not available, will administer the medication. Please contact the nurse if you have any questions.  All medications will be kept locked in the nurse or building secretary's office for your child's safety as well as the safety of others.

    How and who do I notify (the office or the classroom) that I am picking up my child after school?  

    • All inquiries should be addressed to the building secretary.  Children who are not riding the bus home in the afternoon should always be signed out at the office.  All students should wait in the office lobby area for their rides.  Please be advised that all parents are asked to send a note indicating who is picking up the child. 
    • In Building #2 (Grades Pre K through 2) the following procedures will be followed:
      1. Written note can be given to the teacher or the building secretary by parent/guardian.
      2. The child will be sent to the music room to wait for pick up.
      3. The child must be signed out.
      4. Children will not be released to anyone that has not been cleared through theparent/guardian.
      5. If prearranged, children can be signed out from the playground. 

    How does a parent communicate with the teacher - by email, by telephone, by mail, etc.?

    • Parents may contact a teacher by email, telephone, and/or regular mail.  It is best, however, to check with individual teachers as to which medium of communication they prefer to use.   

    If my child will not be coming to school for whatever reason, who do I contact and at what time will there be a person to receive my telephone call?

    • If your child will not be attending school, please notify the office before 9:00 a.m.  If you are calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 4:15 p.m., you may leave a message on the building answering machine.
    • The building office personnel will contact the family by 10:30 a.m. if the building secretary has not been notified of a childs absence.

    If there is a custody issue who do I contact - the teacher, the principal, the superintendent?

    • All child custody related cases and questions should be addressed to the building administrator:
      1. Building #1: Grades 3 through 5: Mr. Chris Clevenger, Building Principal. He can be reached at 406-549-6100 or email at cclevenger@hellgate.k12.mt.us
      2. Building #2: Grades Pre K through 2: Mrs. Julia McCarthy-McLaverty, Building Principal. She can be reached at 406-721-2160 or email at jmccarthymclaverty@hellgate.k12.mt.us
      3. Building #3: Grades 6 through 8: Mr. Jamie Courville, Building Principal. He can be reached at 406-721-2452 or email at jcourville@hellgate.k12.mt.us
    • The building principal will inform the superintendent about all custody issues.
    • Provide the building principal with legal papers; he/she will copy the necessary information.
    • The building principal will inform the teacher and all necessary staff members; he/she will provide on a need to know basis the legal papers to read.
    • A copy of the legal papers will be put in the child's file and a copy will be kept in the building principals office. Copies will not be available in any other location.
    • Legal paperwork will be removed from the child's file when it is no longer valid. 

    Who do I contact if we become homeless during the course of the school year?

      • Hellgate Elementary has a Homeless Coordinator on staff to address issues surrounding homelessness and to assist parents in working through a homeless situation. Mr. Brent Heist, Hellgate Elementary Special Services Director, also serves as the Homeless Coordinator. Mr. Heist can be reached at 406-721-2452 or by email at bheist@hellgate.k12.mt.us