• Grading Procedures

    Grade Grading Scale      Grades 4 - 8     Hellgate Elementary School

    100 - 93         A

    92 - 90          A-

    89 - 88          B+

    87 - 83          B

    82 - 80          B-

    79 - 78          C+ 

    77 - 73          C 

    72 - 70          C-

    69 - 68          D+

    67 - 63          D

    62 - 60          D-

    59 and below  F

    • I will always encourage students to correct or modify work that they do not believe reflects their best work/effort. 
    • Late or missing work is accepted until the final day of the grading period.
    • As always, please contact me with specific questions or concerns.

    Correct and Return Policy

    In order to give students more control over their grades, they may correct any non-test and non-daily assignments and return them to me for improved grades. Students will be notified of missing and/or late assignments informally (verbal, reminder notes) and formally (Infinite Campus). Students are expected to use the Infinite Campus Portal to stay updated on daily assignments.

    Late Assignments

    It is very important to hand assignments in on time. Tracking down late assignments causes a significant burden on students and teachers alike. Assignments for which no grade is entered, and are not exempt due to special circumstances, are averaged as zeros when computing grades for midterms and report cards.  

    Sometimes, at the teachers discretion, missing assignments will not be graded but merely checked in. When a lot of random missing assignments are turned in at the same time, it can be time consuming to pull out the materials to grade each one. In such cases the teacher retains the option of putting a check mark on the assignment and then removing the zero from the grade book. The result is that the assignment will not be included in the final average grade. It will neither hurt nor help the final grade in that subject.

    In the case of family emergencies or other times when homework is not the highest priority, parents should know that students will still be required to bring home a note about missing assignments. This note is simply to inform you of the missing work. No consequences are given at school other than informing parents of the missing work.