Gathering Safely







    Year of Uniting Safely

    • Spirit Fence
    • Teacher appreciation Week
    • Maintenance Lunch
    • Battle of the Grades Dominoes Pizza Fundraiser






    Year of Expanding Classroom Learning

    • kindergarten
    • Pumpkins for Kindergarten
    • Enhancing STEM program
    • Flower bulbs for our campus
    • Robotics club t shirts
    • Robotics supplies and new tables
    • 1st Grade Bugs on the Move program
    • 2nd Grade Water Shed program and field trip, and bussing
    • 3rd Grade Art Program
    • 4th Grade Naturalist Program
    • 5th Grade Home Resource Program ZWAP
    • 6th Grade Watershed Art Program
    • 8th Grade Graduation Photos and Dance
    • Building #3 climbing wall mats
    • Multicultural education tools
    • Movie Licence for campus wide use
    • Olewus T-Shirts and bounce house
    • Host and pay for Craft Fair to raise donations for our Hellgate families during Christmas




    Year of Giving

    This year we wanted to be generouse with the teachers, preparing for thier move to new classes.  We helped them meet the needs for their classroom.

    Previouse Years/ Historical support

    • uniforms for special olympics
    • Olewus T-Shirts
    • 4thGrade Naturalist Program
    • Two new drinking fountains in the middle school (If you haven’t seen them…THEY ARE VERY COOL!)
    • All expenses connected with all Building 2’s Fall Field Trips
    • 5thgrade Field Trip to the University of Montana’s Dennison Theater to see Philip Aaberg
    • Mrs. Reddy received a classroom set (40 copies) of Fahrenheit 451
    • 2ndGrade Bus expense to attend “Fire Speaks The Land” an educational dance performance
    • Kindergarten classes purchased caterpillars to study the butterfly life cycle
    • Contributed $573 for new track and field equipment for Building 1
    • 3rdGrade Field Trip to St. Patrick’s Hospital for the CATCH Fair
    • Mrs. Hughes, speech pathologist in Building 1, received 50 incentive books to give away to students
    • Many items were purchased for the Governor's Cup and Track and Field Days for both Building 1 and 2:
      • Governor's Cup Racing Numbers, Building 2’s Trophy’s, Run Wild Missoula’s Race Clock (rental), Track and Field Ribbons/Bracelets
    • Student needs
    • Activity Expenses for all Building 2’s Spring Field Trips
    • PTA sponsored Cheers N’ Tears breakfast for new Kindergarten parents
    • Candy Canes for Building 1 and 2’s Christmas Programs
    • Lunch, with the help of the Parent Volunteer group, during Staff Appreciation Week
    • 8thGrade Graduation Pictures
    • Students Free Admission to the Big Sky High School Science Circus
    • Farewell Flowers for our teachers who are retiring or going on to new adventures


Last Modified on September 7, 2021