• Fuel Up To Play 60 is an in-school physical activity and nutrition program launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, to help encourage students to live healthier lives.  Students have the option to take part by logging in to the website and creating their own "dashboard".  They can accumulate points by completing "plays" and encouraging their peers to join them in physical activity or healthy eating choices.  The FUTP60 website will issue periodic "challenges" that students can accept and endeavor to accomplish.  By logging in and noting on their dashboard which plays they complete, students gain points and can win prizes for themselves and their school.
     NOTE*  Students under the age of 13 require parent permission to participate in the online portion.  Please fill out the permission slip and turn it in to Mrs. Sension-Hall
    Log in recommendations:  If students have an email account, use that as their login name.  If students do not have an email account - choose a different login name.   Students should use their first & last name initials followed by their lunch number as their password.  WRITE THESE TWO THINGS DOWN FOR LATER REFERENCE & USE!!!!
    When logging in and creating an account students must join a team.  Our Intermediate school team is called    Hellgate Hawks 
    Students may still be involved in Fuel Up To Play 60 without logging in to the website or doing any of the online activities.  Throughout the year we will have FUTP60 activities that student can take part in or help plan.