Sick notes and Injury notes:

    From time to time students come to class and are not able to participate due to an injury or illness.  A parent’s note will suffice.  If a student is to be excused for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note is requested.  These notes may be brought to the office, sent by email or fax, or a parent may call the office.  It is requested that notes from a physician include a release date and/ or physical limitations to participation.  It is possible that a student with an injury may engage in partial participation if modifications are made to account for an injured body part. 

    If a student is ill (woke up with a stomach ache) and a parent desires to do so, the parent note may give the student the opportunity to “participate as they are able but with permission to sit out if they need to do so.”  That way a student is allowed to self-monitor and can attempt any part of class that they feel well enough to try.  They are also able to step out if they do not feel able to participate. 

    From time to time students become injured or ill while at school.  Students always have the opportunity to check in at the office and see the nurse.  Students are encouraged to make a quick call home if a note has been sent and was lost before class time. 

    We encourage all students to participate as fully as they are able and recognize that sitting out may be no fun at all.  We want what is in their best interest and do not want anyone to exacerbate an illness or injury or miss class unnecessarily.  Please call the office if you have any additional concerns about a student participating in a physical activity class.