• In building #3 we collect Boxtops and Labels for Education.  Boxtops are sent in in October and March/April with a check being sent to school within 8 weeks.  We use these funds to purchase needed items for physical education.  Some of our most popular & unique units were funded partly through Boxtops.  Among these units are; Bike education, skateboarding, and inline skating.   A collection box is available in the front office should you wish to drop them off.  Besides cereal and Kleenex there are many different items that are sponsors of the Boxtops school fundraiser.  Please check the Boxtops for Education site for a complete list of brands and items with these boxtops squares.



    New This Year!! BFE has an app that you can use on your smartphone.  Simply download the app and scan your receipt with your phone.  Any items with boxtops are automatically credited to your school.  Dont forget to designate a school when setting up your app.  As always - we will still accept the cut out boxtops but BEWARE - these are getting phased out and they DO have expiration dates on them.  So.... turn any boxtops that you may have in so that they do not expire.  Thanks for supporting our schools.