Agenda Notebook



    What is the purpose of the Agenda Notebook?


    The assignment notebook is an important organizational tool.  Your child will be expected to bring it to and from home, as well as, different classes to record the main assignments for each subject. Homework will be stamped as such.  Notes and reminders will be recorded in the last boxes.  Students are encouraged to copy items that I record on the whiteboard in our classroom.  

    Learning how to record assignments and write notes to yourself is critical to your child's success in middle school and high school.  

    I do not require parents to sign or initial the assignment notebook, as I feel that the notebook should become the child's responsibility.  However, if your child has a note from me about his or her successes, conduct, missing work, etc., your child will be expected to show you the note and ask you to sign on that page. If you have a note for me you may write it in your child's assignment book, as well. This is also a great place to look and see what we are working on in class and if your child has homework that night.